Hidden Acres Golf Course

"Worth Finding"



No Tee Times Required





Hours of Operation

Weekdays 7:00 am-Dusk

Weekends 6:00 am to Dusk



Hidden Acres is a   USGA and NJSGA Member  Golf Course with applicable course slope/rating





14 Ayers Rd

Sandyston, NJ 07827









Would you like to become a New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA) member and have Hidden Acres Golf Course be your sponsor course?  In doing so, you will be applied an official USGA Handicap by playing Hidden Acres Golf Course, as well as, other USGA/NJSGA member courses.   The staff here at Hidden Acres Golf Course will input your qualifying handicap score shortly after you complete your round just by submitting your scorecard to our front desk or input yourself using your computer or mobile phone app.  

Your NJSGA membership will provide you with numerous benefits including:  

  • Official USGA handicap and personal GHIN # 
  • Online discounts from NJSGA member courses  
  • Eligible for the NJSGA Golf Magazine  
  • Eligible to compete in NJSGA Championships  
  • Participate in member golf days at exclusive venues  
  • Go to njsga.org to find out more 

See our clubhouse attendant for a form to complete and return along with your payment of $35 and become a NJSGA member and have Hidden Acres be your host course for the entire season.    

We look forward to you joining us promote the great game of golf through this membership and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.